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    Steps to Take If You’re Being Harassed After a Breakup

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    Some people refuse to walk away from a relationship after a breakup. They have become too emotionally attached to the person, and the thought of letting them go is too much to bear. When this happens, the person who is obsessed with the other party may start harassing them.
    Being harassed can be scary and overwhelming. Harassment happens every day, and many people do not know what to do to make it stop. If you feel that you are being harassed, use the following guide to learn how to make the harassment stop as quickly as possible.
    Inform the Person That You Want Them to Leave You Alone
    When you feel that someone is harassing you, you need to inform them that they are making you uncomfortable and that you want them to stop. Be specific with your words. Indicate what they are doing that is making you feel uncomfortable so they are properly informed about the issues.
    When informing someone that they are making you feel harassed, try to put the information in writing. This record will serve as proof later on down the road that you did, in fact, tell the person to leave you alone.
    Avoid Future Communication With the Person
    Once you have told the person to stop harassing you, do not have contact with them again. Do not answer their phone calls or their texts. If you keep the line of communication open, it can give them hope that you will one day want to give them another chance and could cause them to continue with the harassment.
    Print Proof of the Harassment
    If the person continues to harass you, print off evidence of the harassment. You can print off copies of your phone statements, copies of the emails and copies of any texts that were sent. Save any emails that were sent to you on an MP3 drive so that you can have that as proof as well.
    Contact the Police
    Contact the local police department to inform them about the harassment that is happening. You want to make a formal report so that you can file for a restraining order in the future if needed. The police officer will take down your information, the harasser's information and the proof you have to a file.
    Hire an Attorney
    If the person still harasses you, hire an attorney to help you file a petition for a restraining order. The attorney will need all of the evidence that you have, as well as a copy of the police report that you filed. The attorney can then fill out the petition and file it for you.
    You may have to go to court in order to get the restraining order. Your attorney will be able to explain to the judge what is happening and why you feel that you are being harassed. The judge may then issue a restraining order that is very specific about the harasser not contacting you in any way for a specific amount of time. Your harasser will not be able to come around you either.
    If they violate the restraining order, you need to report it to the police right away. Violating a restraining order is a crime, and the person could end up going to jail if they continue to violate it.
    If the harassment reaches the point where you need to file a restraining order, contact Brown Raduazo & Hilderley PLLC. They have experience handling restraining orders and will be able to ensure that the order you get will make you feel safe and comfortable when everything is said and done.